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LSHC operates through UBIX Processing, a full-service manufacturing, processing, and custom formulation facility based in Colorado Springs.

With this 27,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, LSHC fulfills its mission to provide custom, made-to-order products specifically tailored to your business and target audience.

In addition, UBIX allows LSHC to be of value to vertically integrated CBD brands that manufacture their own products. UBIX has a long history of helping CBD brands establish value by taking on existing products and making them better, more cost-efficient, or better-selling.


UBIX’s services include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom Formulation: Are you looking to add an innovative, cutting-edge product to your line? If you can imagine it, UBIX can create it. We allow brands to differentiate and distinguish themselves from the competition by turning their formulations or ideas into one-of-a-kind products that no other company can offer.
  • Bulk Manufacturing: UBIX also assists clients whose current manufacturers are at capacity or experiencing overflow. If you are having capacity issues and can no longer meet growing product demand, UBIX is here to help. With a 27,000 square foot facility and cutting-edge equipment, UBIX can create thousands of products on a daily basis.
  • Co-Packing: As a strategic co-packer, UBIX helps clients reduce overhead costs, increase flexibility, enhance product visibility, and fulfill product demand sustainably through eco-friendly operations.
  • White Labeling and Private Labeling: UBIX helps clients make a smooth transition to private labeling, making it possible for anyone to establish their own CBD brand. If you have a preexisting label or logo design, we provide labels free of charge using your cut-sheet or vector file. If you don’t, we will connect you with one of our artists, who will design your packaging & labeling to your satisfaction.

Manufacturing, Processing, and Formulation Solutions

UBIX has a long history of helping CBD brands establish value by taking on existing products and making them better. Using your formulation and strictly adhering to your requests, we can improve or alter existing products to make them more effective, cost-efficient, or better selling.

If you have a product that you would like to make better, UBIX can help you achieve your goals. Simply send us a request and describe what about your product you would like to improve. Our expert R&D team can then suggest the next steps forward, or let you take the lead and proceed as you see fit.

Custom Formulations

As its name suggests, UBIX offers “ubiquitous” formulation services–using CBD or any minor cannabinoid, we can create virtually any product form imaginably.

For vertically integrated brands who prefer to maintain their formulation or use their own raw materials, UBIX will work directly with your creation to make any product you envision come to life.

If you don’t have or are not satisfied with your source for raw materials, UBIX will source the exact ingredients needed to create the product that you have in mind.

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