Take full advantage of our custom contract manufacturing and white labeling
support and strategy for our clientele.

We know what your customers want.

(Maybe even better than you!)

LSHC’s support doesn’t end once your order has arrived–we work with clients throughout our partnerships to provide marketing support, optimizing sales and profitability. Through the following methods, we optimize your sales and support your marketing efforts to ensure your success throughout our partnership: 

As a partner of the Brightfield Group–the world’s largest cannabis market data firm–LSHC has access to exclusive consumer insights, and monitors this data constantly to ensure its clients are positioned for success and stay abreast of the latest market trends. 

When you work with LSHC, we constantly monitor this data, honing in on customized consumer insights exclusive to your business’ specific:

Target audience



Usage Occasions

In-Demand Product Types

Regional Trends

And more. By gathering and surveying this information, we have the ability to identify the products that your business needs to succeed and cater to its target audience. We then suggest and customize these products for your business to sell under its own name, foreseeing consumer demand and ensuring you are ready to fulfill it. This allows us to equip our clients with the products they need to capitalize on trends in their niche, outperform competition, and emerge to the forefront of a constantly shifting market.  

Digital Marketing

LSHC also connects its clients with the resources they need to establish an online presence. Our expert digital marketing consultants are available at your service to help you build a website, optimize your existing web content, and ensure maximum visibility online. 

Packaging & Labeling

Many of our clients are new to private-labeling, and we offer support in this realm as well. If you don’t have a preexisting label or logo design, our expert branding team and graphic designers will create packaging and labels to incite purchases and ensure customer satisfaction. We brand your products according to your vision and to appeal to the eye. 

Once we create your labels, you take ownership of your design: after your first order, private labeling is free of charge on all purchases thereafter.