LSHC works with each individual client to create custom tinctures using the cannabinoids and ingredients of your choice. As with any LSHC product format, clients can choose to customize their own tincture, or keep things simple with our standard CBD stock formula, which can include all-organic ingredients and a long-lasting MCT carrier oil. No matter which tincture you choose, you can count on LSHC to handle all packaging and labeling so that your products arrive ready for shelf display and sale.


Whichever option you choose, your business can count on LSHC tinctures as a reliable that will keep customers coming back for more. As a top-selling category on the CBD market, tinctures are used on a daily basis for long-term relief, making CBD oils a staple that will establish returning customers and recurring purchases on a monthly basis.

Tincture Certificates of Analysis (COA)

Curious about which cannabinoid to choose? Our team leaders will offer a personalized consultation to determine which cannabinoid tinctures will perform best in your target audience, retail channel, region, demographic, and more.

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Cannabinoid Tinctures

LSHC can create tinctures with any of the below cannabinoids, or combinations thereof:

  • CBD
  • Organic CBD
  • CBG
  • CBN
  • THCV
  • CBC
  • CBT

Signature CBD Tincture

In addition to customized CBD oils, LSHC offers a stock formula CBD tincture across key dosage points in isolate, full, and broad spectrum. Formulated by our expert chemists, our tinctures use an MCT carrier oil to offer long-lasting effects and around-the-clock relief, making this product the perfect “base” treatment for any form of symptom relief or desired effects.

LSHC offers isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum tinctures in best-selling potencies including 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg per ounce. Clients can choose standard 1 oz bottles, or 2 oz bottles to offer customers a longer-lasting everyday product

Customization Options

As with any product, LSHC also offers customized tinctures using the cannabinoids, carrier oil, ingredients, and potencies of your choice.

We also specialize in nutraceutical tinctures enhanced with mushrooms, herbs, and adaptogens.