LSHC offers high-quality, rigorously tested raw materials for brands that prefer to formulate their own CBD products. Whether you’re looking for CBD or minor cannabinoids in crude, distillate, or isolate form, LSHC has the best-in-class wholesale raw materials that you need to formulate the highest quality products from CBD and other raw materials. LSHC has impeccably high standards when it comes to raw materials, and you can rest assured that any raw cannabinoids you purchase from us will meet your quality standards. We offer wholesale raw materials with low minimums at low prices, from single kilograms to bulk orders.


Many CBD brands use raw materials to create their own formulations, using their own Research & Development facilities and professionals. Our low prices and minimums also allow clients to resell our wholesale raw cannabinoids. The market for distillate and other minor cannabinoids in raw form is booming, and creates lucrative CBD business opportunities for brands and distributors of all kinds. We can acquire any hemp cannabinoid in raw, isolate, or distillate form, whether you’re looking for unique minor cannabinoids, distillate, or wholesale USDA Organic CBD.

Questions? Contact LSHC today for a personalized consultation. You’ll speak directly with the entire LSHC team, from our CEO and Chief Science Officer to our Research & Development Team. We’ll collaborate with you at every step of the process that goes into creating your products.



LSHC offers virtually any cannabinoid in crude, isolate, or distillate. A few of our popular raw materials include: 

  • Organic CBD Crude, Isolate, Distillate
  • Broad Spectrum & Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, Crude, and Isolate
  • CBG Isolate & Distillate
  • CBN Isolate
  • CBC Isolate & Distillate
  • THCV Distillate
  • CBT Distillate

And any other cannabinoid you have in mind.

Customization Options

We take any request for custom raw materials, whether you’re looking for

  • Rare Cannabinoids
  • USDA Organic
  • Crude
  • Distillate
  • Isolate
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Full Spectrum
  • CBG + CBD Isolate
  • Cannabinoid Combinations

Quality Standards

Our raw materials are: 

  • Rigorously tested
  • Regulatory Compliant
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • High-Purity