“Exceptionalism is everything from the highest level of integrity and philosophy of how you operate in business to the quality of your products.”

-Don Mack, CEO & Founder of Life Science Holding Company

Don Mack
CEO & Founder LSHC

The founding of LSHC, like many founding stories, is filled with passion, the drive to do things differently, and of course, personal experience. Donald Mack is a senior-level executive with over 38 years’ experience in diverse industries. He has held the position of CEO and Director for five public companies, two with successful liquidity events and has led over 70 acquisitions in various industries. Mr. Mack has also consulted and held C level positions in the PV Solar/Energy Storage space, the Cannabis Industry and owned/managed a branch of a Federally chartered mortgage bank.  Mr. Mack attended Red Rocks Community College in Colorado majoring in Solar Engineering and Marin Community College with a focus on Real Estate. Don first entered into the CBD space as a THC consultant. His personal history was influenced by managing chronic pain from 14 degenerative disks in his back from years of motocross, football, rodeo and other high-impact sports. Having tried prescription pain management for years, Don was eager to explore other options. Through both the consulting work and his own journey of pain management, Don recognized the enormous market potential of CBD development alongside THC.

The commodity business is ripe for disruption and innovation. Much like the beverage industry, the CBD product market is destined to mature and scale in a foreseeable manner. This market prediction motivated Don and a few associates to build a vertically integrated business focused on custom contract manufacturing and formulation. Now over a year later, Don shares his pride of the Life Science Holding Co. team and progress. “We have come a long way since filling that first order. And just like our first order, we strive to provide each customer with the best experience possible. Our goal is to ensure their happiness at the end of the day.”

“I found a passion with CBD in my aim to find natural alternative solutions to medical and health issues whenever I can, and this one works really well for me personally. The more I educate myself about the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids, the more intrigued I become.”

-Don Mack, CEO & Founder of Life Science Holding Company