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Life Science Holding Company capitalizes on disruptive niches within the burgeoning industrial hemp and CBD industry. We provide custom contract formulation and manufacturing services as well as “white label” products for other hemp manufacturing companies.
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“I found a passion with CBD because I like to find natural alternative solutions to medical and health issues if I can. And this one seemed to be one that really worked well for me. The more I educated myself about it the more intrigued I became.”
– Don Mack, CEO & Founder of Life Science Holding Company
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    Interested in becoming an investor with LSHC and the fast-growing CBD market? You can view our Investor NDA and Investor Questionnaire to be considered. Please submit your name and email below to have a personalized and secure fillable PDF sent to you.

      To: Prospective investors in Life Science Holding Company, a Colorado corporation.

      The purpose of this inquiry is to solicit certain information regarding your financial status to determine whether you are an “Accredited Investor,” and to provide a "NDA" agreement between parties as defined under applicable federal and state securities laws, and otherwise meet the suitability criteria established by the Company for purchasing Shares. This questionnaire is not an offer to sell securities.

      Your personal information will be kept as confidential as possible. Please let us know you name and email and we will send you a personalized NDA and questionnaire.