LSHC and Our Stable Supply Chain

No matter how good your product is, it’s of no use to anyone if you can’t produce it on a stable and regular basis. At LSHC, we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with our select and experienced growers, and we utilize their myriad growing locations to provide our customers with supply chain stability that is second to none.

Another measure of the stability of a system is its scalability. At LSHC, all of our processes, from growing to extraction to our own business expansion, are all industrially scalable. We designed them that way so we can effectively meet whatever demands may come out of an ever-changing market, and provide you and your customers with the stability you need.

Product consistency is another way in which LSHC provides you and your customer further stability in our products. Because of the utilization of various sources that goes into every LSHC product, we are able to offer a flavor profile that is consistent across the board. Other companies’ profiles may vary from farmer to farmer or crop to crop, but at LSHC, it’s our diversity of growers along with our capacity to produce that makes our flavor profiles wildly consistent. That’s a difference your customers will notice.

One of the most difficult things to keep up with in the CBD/cannabinoid industry is the rapidly changing regulatory environment. At LSHC, part of our Strategic Business Model addresses this issue directly, which keeps us always in compliance with federal agencies such as the EPA and USDA. In fact, LSHC is FDA GMP compliant in all regulations, which makes LSHC uniquely qualified to provide the stable supply chain which is so important in an ever-changing industry.

It’s always paramount to know that your supply chain will stay stable and consistent. At LSHC, we know the importance of long-term needs, and the importance of meeting them. That’s why we put so much focus on the stability and consistency of our products. We know that in business, there are rarely second chances, and we go the extra mile to make sure we’ll never need one. That’s stability you can count on.