Our 5 Pillars of Exceptionalism

Our 5 Pillars of Exceptionalism

At Life Science Holding Company, we do five things better than any other company.  We call them our 5 Pillars of Exceptionalism.  They are:

  1. Quality
  2. Service
  3. Innovation
  4. Transparency
  5. Marketing


Quality: We begin with sourcing industry providers with the best quality seed selection, breeding, and growing.  At LSHC, we have selected those providers with the most genetically stable seeds and the highest quality biomass to support a wide variety of products.  Their breeding process allows us to create products and formulations from low (or no) THC to high CBD, CBG, CBN as well as other minor cannabinoids, which gives you the ability to provide the wide range of products your end customers require.  Additionally, we’ve partnered with only the most experienced growers in a variety of locations which provides the supply chain stability you and your customers deserve.


Service: At LSHC, our focus on you, the customer, cannot be overstated.  From our own lean organization structure to our various quality-oriented certifications, every step of our business model has you and your end customers in mind.  From our chain of custody practices to our capacity for growth and expansion, our most important Pillar of Exceptionalism is our commitment to focusing on you, our customer.


Innovation: Production-wise, we offer the highest quality process and service whether it be cannabinoid concentrates like crude CBD oil, distillate and isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum or cannabinoid-containing products. Our extraction processes capture more of the whole plant profile and offer greater consistency down the line to yield more terpenes and flavonoids at a lower cost that we pass through to you.  The process is industrially scalable and can be done 100% organically, if requested, focusing on the most renewable green resources available. 


Transparency: We partner with UBIX Processing to provide state-of-the-art hemp processing for our products. We are transparent about our process, our formulation, and how our clients feel about working with us.

Here at Life Science Holding Company (LSHC), we understand that nothing is more important than trust when it comes to partnering with a CBD manufacturer. After all, your trust in us translates to your trust in the quality and integrity of the products that will end up in your customers’ hands. We realize that this is an enormous responsibility, one that we fulfill through total transparency with each and every customer.

As soon as you make contact with LSHC, you can count on effective communication and collaboration at every step of the process that goes into creating your products. Through transparency, we establish a trust to lay the foundation for lasting, fruitful relationships that benefit your business in both the short and long term.

3 Ways We Build Trust With Our Clients

Choosing a supplier is a difficult decision. The checklist of qualifications can be extensive. Our job at Life Science Holding Company is to take the guesswork out of it and build your trust by giving you the best experience possible. We accomplish that through three main points: Quality of our product, consistent communication every step of the way, and expertise from our incredible staff.


Our facility meets all qualifications, and is GMP compliant. 

When it comes to the ingredients, we can use non-GMO, organic, vegan, and kosher ingredients. All of which are tested and verified for quality to ensure you get the best of the best. We can also provide sample COAs upon request for current or for your current products.


We understand that it has to start with us to be knowledgeable and transparent with our customers. In an industry oversaturated with illegitimate products, it’s challenging to find the right supplier. We realize that your customers are in our hands in a sense, and we take that responsibility very seriously. 

When we work together, you will find that communication & transparency take precedence and leave you feeling confident and secure.


We have the most qualified personal available to you. We offer Zoom consultations with our team, so you can speak directly to who’s in charge of our qualification for facilities and the person who will be creating your customer’s products. If you are creating a custom product, we will work with you to choose the best ingredients, answer your questions, use whichever extraction method you are most comfortable with and more. Finally, we draw on hard data/insights to show you that the products we’re offering will sell in your retail channel, region demographic, target audience, etc. Our goal is to support you and set you up for success.

The Problem With Other CBD Suppliers:

Most major CBD suppliers offer a wide variety of products, but their marketing or sales teams–often the only voices that clients can rely on–are distanced from the teams that actually create the products they promote. Often, your key point of contact with a bulk supplier may not know how their company’s products are grown, extracted, formulated, or manufactured.

Accessibility, Communication & Collaboration:

LSHC comprises a small, tight-knit team that works together to ensure that every product, need, and criteria are fulfilled to your satisfaction–while communicating with you at every step of the process.

From the moment you send us an inquiry or request for any product of your choice, our CEOs, sales team, and scientists collaborate to review every specification of the custom formulas, samples, formulas, and labels that we’ll create per your request.

We work closely not only with one another but with our customers themselves. When you contact us, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with our entire team, from our Chief Science Officer who formulates your products, to our CEOs and Executives who will optimize our partnership from a business and marketing perspective.

Lasting Relationships for Fruitful Futures:

As a distributor, we establish trust with clients through transparent collaboration. And this doesn’t end once your product request is fulfilled. LSHC makes annual investments in consumer insights from the Brightfield Group, the world’s leading cannabis market data firm.

Throughout our partnership, our Consumer Products Leadership Team monitors this data to identify shifting product needs based on your business’ specific target audience; retail channel; regional trends; demographics; forecasted demand; and usage occasions. This allows us to prepare our clients with the products they need to capitalize on trends within their niche.

Trust and Transparency: The LSHC Promise

You can count on LSHC in the short and long term not only for exceptional products, transparency, and trust–but also for premium advisorship and guidance to optimize your success through a business plan specifically tailored to your needs.


Marketing: Our “4 Ps Marketing Plan” is LSHC’s fifth Pillar of Exceptionalism, and consists of synchronously excellent Product, Pricing, Packaging, and finally, Promotion. For LSHC products, you’ve likely already read about the wide range available by way of our state-of-the-art extraction practices. It is through such practices that we cover the array of nearly 30,000 finished goods currently sold with Cannabinoid componentry. Volume always lowers pricing, and our production capacity will keep prices low for you and your customers. Our packaging not only incites fulfillment, is both safety & security minded; not only child-safe but pilfer-proof as well.

Life Science Holding Company serves customers by fostering lasting relationships built on quality and trust and together, promoting the highest quality products available on the market today.