Life Science Holding Company capitalizes on disruptive niches within the burgeoning industrial hemp and CBD industry. We provide custom formulation manufacturing services as well as “white label” products for other hemp manufacturing companies. It is estimated that there are upwards of 30,000+ uses or products that can be derived from the hemp plant.

Dream BIG. Because we can make anything.

Life Science Holding Company brings Exceptional Hemp Cannabinoid consumer packaged goods to your business so that you can offer nothing short of the best to your end-consumer. Our team of innovative scientists and formulation technicians are ready to customize your product line down to every perfect detail. We give you a product promise that both anticipates and exceeds the needs of your clientele.

Let us show you! We formulate the products your customers are looking for – specifically designed to target demographic groups as broad as all men or women, or as narrow as the market of individuals suffering from chronic pain. Products with a wide variety of functional qualities, ranging from pain-relief to  increasing longevity and general wellness. 

Life Science Holding offers isolation and formulation for both CBD, CBG and other minor cannabinoids – we don’t discriminate with our cannabinoids! Let us know what you need. Let us make anything… together.

Our STATE OF THE ART PROCESS including custom formulation, packing and market research which provides consistent products for you and your end customer.


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LEARN MORE>> We have a wide range of packaging and product types to meet your customer’s needs.


LEARN MORE>> We tailor our products to meet the specific demographics of your target market.